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Mountain biking
is possible into the ridges on the many veldroads for the the fitness fanatic or the visitor leisurely exploring the farm. More than 60 km of safe biking with the beautiful scenery is available. Bikes are available on the farm.

Quad bike routes are available in 9, 18, and 45 km routes.

Stargazing in the Karoo is a dazzling spectacle. Due to the very little light contamination and no pollution in the area, our guesthouse has perfect opportunities to learn about the seas on the moon, various constellations, patterns in the sky and stars in general. With our 114 mm Newtonian reflecting telescope on site, the sky is the limit; see from the Scorpion in September to the Crux (Southern Cross) in the heart of the Milky Way in winter.

Archaeology The Karoo is known for some of its rock and fossil formations and the farm is no exception. There is good sedimentary formations, hard and layered rock formations within walking distance from the guesthouse where the amateur archaeologist and fossil collector can scout the fossils.

Bird watching can literally be done from the bedrooms, the various verandas, the balcony at the guest house or on the walking trails. Thus far 143 species of birds have been identified in the area. Visitors can scout for breeding patterns, resting places and identify nests; for the enthusiast a trip on the Orange river can be arranged to see more birdlife there. A bird trail is also available.

Horse riding: Horses are extensively used on the farm to gather sheep and the visitor is welcome to spend a morning on horseback assisting the herders. The farm has more than 60 km of roads the visitor can explore on horseback or to go picnicking in the veld.






Game watching can be done from: the vicinity of the guesthouse overlooking the main game camp of 1 000 ha, on the walking trail, or by an organise game drive. Eleven indigenous game species (Eland, Red Hartebeest, Springbok, Blesbuck, Gemsbuck, Black Springbuck, White Blesbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Ostrich, Impala and Mountain Reedbuck) are stocked on the farm and for the wakeful eye some other smaller shyer animals may even be visible.

Hiking is possible on the farm. The Game Trail follows an approximately 8 km course through the main game camp with spectacular views from the ridges ('koppies') past a fountain and onto a stream where a late lunch is served, transportation is then provided back. The Bird Trail follows an approximately 7 km course through the bushes, along a stream up to a dam, known for its birdlife. There, a late lunch is served and transportation is provided back.

Drives to various places are easily accessible due to the strategically located guest house. Visit Philippolis with its rich historical heritage and architecture. Drive to the Gariep Dam and go inside its colossal cement wall, visit the Anglo-Boer War graveyard at Norvalspont or visit the different game reserves at Tussen-die-Riviere, Doornkloof or at the Gariep Dam. A nine hole golf course is also available at the Gariep Dam.   






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